Upskill, your teamwork capabilities with our fun, AI bot-driven minigames

1.5 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
12 - 80


Synergyk is a series of "Hall Games" played in a conference room. Participants are assigned to a team table, and the host guides the teams via a series of audio-visual media through a series of minigames. Interactions with the game are done via electronic components such as buttons, joysticks, or LEDs, creating a unique user experience. The different minigames, which combine puzzles, coordination, and other skills, give every player a chance to use their abilities and have a great time. The 8-bit music and the minigames' style have a nostalgic 80s feel.

Learning Outcomes

This game format enables players to enjoy the experience together, sharing one same setting and, therefore, a level playing field. The game mechanics encourage cooperation; players cannot play alone, and they must rely on their team to move forward. Small group sizes demand participation from everyone. The game analyses the score obtained by teams in every minigame, evaluating competencies that result in a team report. By doing so, SYNERGYK becomes more than a fun experience that helps build strong team dynamics: it also provides employers and managers with helpful feedback regarding their strengths and weakness in teamwork and problem-solving.

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