Knowing Me Knowing You

Gain points for your team by networking and relationship building

30 minutes - 1 hour
30 - Unlimited


Knowing Me Knowing You begins with a warm-up exercise to get participants into teams; from there individuals are tasked with gathering as many business and personal commonalities with the other players as they can to win points for their team. The competitive structure and unique game matrix keep the energy buzzing. At set periods individuals return to their teams to tally their scores and receive details of their next goal. Individuals set about again to make connections by working the room until the final whistle when points are tallied and the winning teams are declared!

Learning Outcomes

Knowing Me Knowing You is a light hearted team building activity which will break the ice and accelerate networking and relationship building in your team. Relationships matter, and a highly connected workforce is a valuable asset to any organisation. Knowing Me Knowing You helps to build common ground between individuals, smoothing the path for information sharing and best practice that will inevitably lead to improved bottom line results.

Related Testimonial

Many thanks for getting everyone networking with such high energy. We all found out some surprising things about each other and made better connections.


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