Large Group Activities

Large group team building activities and games to engage each individual and become a whole group shared experience.

With the right planning and logistics, you can engage a large group of people with a productive team building activity. Like any corporate team building activity starts with answering the question "Why are we having a team building activity?" Asking this question is no different when catering to a small group of people. Once you have established the key outcomes and you understand the nature of the individuals in the group, you can start to formulate an idea of what team building activity will be successful. Team building activities that engage small groups of people may not work for larger teams. To be effective and fun, large group games require skilful logistical planning and expertise. Ensuring that each individual is engaged with their small group and that there is cohesion and a sense of shared experience across the whole of the large event requires skill. For this reason you must select a team building provider with experience and know-how of running team bonding activities for big groups of people.

Whether you are running a large group workshop or organising a company retreat and want to include some big group team building activities, Catalyst can save you time in designing the right large group activity. At Catalyst, we know from experience which team building activities can be scaled up to a hundred or more people and produce the right results.

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