End of Year Celebrations

Acknowledge employees, network, reinvigorate and create shared memories. In Person, Hybrid or Remote - there's something for every situation!

End-of-year parties are a great time to acknowledge employees, network, reinvigorate and have fun together. Holiday parties are an excellent time for management to acknowledge what has been achieved. To make people know that they matter and are a vital part of the organisation. It's a time to build on company values and team spirit. Planning is key to a successful end-of-year event. Astute HR managers know the value of including one or two team-building activities. Team building gives employee celebrations structure, ensures they focus on objectives and are the key to ultimate success!

Shared Memories

If you are organising an in-person end-of-year party, you can’t surpass the joy of creating something together. Flat Out Sleigh Ride will have your team constructing and racing sleighs. A themed Big Picture or Blockbusters movie creation, or why not make beautiful music as a team with Crescendo! Give to the charity you choose while participating in Impact or another CSR activity. The options are limitless!


Holiday parties are a great way to reinvigorate employees. Don’t we all need that this year?! Team building activities can be a great source of entertainment, giving everyone an enjoyable shared memory. Quickfire is a great choice! Originally designed as a high-energy conference venue game, its always been our most popular evening and dinner event. And Quickfire is now available for hybrid and remote teams. Select the challenges of your choice. Try our unique Festive version! You can even weave in some slightly serious company-focused questions!

Our Go Team platform offers a variety of festive-themed choices that are a hit for end-of-year parties. If you are getting out and about, a tried and true GPS treasure hunt is sure to get everyone in a celebratory mood! For remote workers, we suggest your team dress up and get into a wintery feel with Escape the Blizzard or help Santa’s sleigh in Race Around the World Festive.


Staff parties are a time for employees to network and manage in an informal environment. It is difficult for some employees to interact with ease. This can be overcome with an icebreaker. We recommend activities that are relaxed and inclusive and get everyone smiling. Leading into end-of-year Celebrations, get your team out and about with World Outside Your Window, then bring it together at your end-of-year party! Or why not get everyone connected and lead into holiday celebrations with our advent calendar style reveal of festive cultural appreciation, Countdown to Christmas? Face-to-face or hybrid? Knowing Me Knowing you or Human Bingo Festive. These games are fully customisable to your content. Online? Try Swipe Face – House Party! Or E Choir Festive.

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