World’s First 24-Hour Treasure Hunt

Published on Dec 13, 2016 by Esther Daniel

Marking the world’s first 24 hour corporate treasure hunt, Catalyst Global partners - the largest international network of corporate team building professionals - last week came together to give back to the community through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event Go Give. Go Give was developed by Catalyst Global to provide a team building solution that could also maximise the joy of giving through giving together.

“Capitalising on a giving concept though a consistent, genuine CSR program is a win-win solution,” said Esther Daniel, Head of Marketing at Catalyst Global. “The benefits go beyond the joy of giving, when employees participate in an organised giving program, there is usually a process of learning and engagement as a group.”

The event kicked off at 6 a.m. on December 12 in Auckland New Zealand and concluded 24 hours later in Mount Manganui, New Zealand.

Following the sunrise around the world, 52 teams across 40 countries greeted the morning with an exhilarating treasure hunt that had them race against the clock and each other to complete as many checkpoint challenges as possible.

These checkpoint activities included photo challenges, questions, video challenges and more. Each challenge was associated to certain B1G1 projects, enabling teams to select the project they wanted to give to upon completion of each activity.

Overall, the event raised 152,013 impacts to support various initiatives across countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Moldova, Nepal, Malawi, Kenya, and Peru that work to provide nutrition, medication, and education to at-risk groups, plant trees, provide sewing machines women, chickens to families, and irrigation systems to villages, among other causes.

Prizes were awarded across three categories, with the Ireland named as the overall winning team, India as the winning partner, and Dubai the highest pledger - all of whom donated their winnings back to B1G1 Projects.

Further, all participating teams went into a draw to win a place for one of their staff to attend the upcoming B1G1 Study Tour to Cambodia, with Team Up Events, New Zealand selected as the winning partner. Team Up Events NZ announced that Sales Manager, Joanna Hall will represent their team and Catalyst Global in Cambodia this January. It’s a fitting prize for someone who majored at university in Asian Studies with a focus on South East Asia and Cambodia in particular.

“I am excited and proud to be the Catalyst Team Building network’s ambassador on this trip. Thank you Catalyst Global for this opportunity,” said Hall, adding: “the chance to make a difference and to see the effects of our efforts on behalf of the Catalyst Global Network will be hugely rewarding!”

In addition to giving back to the global community, the Go Give event also brought the partners of the Catalyst Global network even closer together, making the world’s top team building experts stronger than ever before.

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